Welcome to 5BC

Welcome to our class website.  Throughout the year you'll find fun links, documents, and helpful websites and videos here.  Ms. Ciotola and I are so excited to meet each of you!  We have many fun things planned for your adventures in 5th grade!  Some of the things to look forward to are:

  • Class Economy - You'll each have responsibilities in our class and earn class money that you can use to buy prizes and homework passes
  • Social Studies with Mrs. Bardol - you will be studying the exploration of America through the American Revolution
  • Music - we love to play classical music during independent work
  • Living Museum Project - You will  write a biography and dress up like that person!
  • Math Cafe Project
  • Invention Convention
  • Owl pellet dissection for science

We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!  We'll see you in September!

~ Ms. Brulé and Ms. Ciotola