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MIAA Update April 16

Sports Medicine Committee Meeting Highlights April 14, 2020

The MIAA Sports Medicine Committee (SMC) held a video conference call on Tuesday, April 14.  There were approximately 23 members of the committee on the video call.


COVID-19 discussion: The remainder of the discussion centered on the current COVID-19 conditions and the SMC response to this fluid situation.  R. Pearson updated the SMC on the MIAA BOD action from late March to adjust sport physicals.  This MIAA BOD action is on hold per MA DPH regulation and guidance.  At this time, MIAA student-athletes will need a current physical in order to play MIAA sports if the spring season would be played.


Spring Sports Participation: The SMC discussed multiple issues regarding participation in spring sports for this year.  Topics for discussion included students bringing their own water bottles, no water coolers/community water, hand sanitizers, mouth guards.  Other points of discussion included athletic trainer coordination and consistent communication with the school nurse, graduated exercise, is this more like coming back from the summer, how much conditioning time will the athletes have.  The SMC also brought up budget challenges and quantity of supplies necessary for current conditions.


Fall 2020: The committee discussed a need to also plan for fall 2020 school sports as it relates to general hygiene and safety.  In order to continue considering all aspects of the current conditions and to await further guidance from state leaders.


Next meetings: SMC has planned for two additional meetings -- one on April 23 and possibly again on April 27.