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MIAA Update April 13th

MIAA Board of Directors Meeting Highlights April 13, 2020

The Board of Directors (BOD) held a virtual meeting today to review recent Tournament Management Committee (TMC) recommendations regarding MIAA Spring Tournament Structure.  Present on the call included 19 out of 20 BOD members, TMC representatives, MIAA Staff and members of the media.  The following motions are part of an overall MIAA plan in case the opportunity for holding a 2020 spring season is available.  The Association will adhere to the guidelines and expectations put forth by Governor Baker in regards to COVID-19.




Motion: Proceed forward with the recommendation from the TMC to play through a sectional tournament this spring. (Brian M./Lindsey v.)     APPROVED 18-0


Motion: Accept a cutoff date of June 12th at 7pm for regular season competition for baseball, lacrosse, rugby, softball, tennis and volleyball.  Seeding will take place on June 13th. The tournaments will begin the week of June 15th and conclude on June 27th, with a rain date of June 28th per TMC recommendation.  (Tom A./ Deb D.)     APPROVED 18-0


Motion: Accept the recommendation from the TMC that there will not be a Division IA tournament this spring. (Tom A./Dan B.)     APPROVED 18-0


Motion: Accept the recommendation from the TMC that Golf will have a cutoff and entry due date of June 11th at 8:00pm for the regular season competition.  Sectional tournaments may begin June 15th.  (Tom A./Stephanie S.)    APPROVED 18-0


Motion:   Proceed with the recommendation from TMC that Track and Field will have a cutoff date of June 21st at 6:00pm with entries received by June 22nd. Sectional meets will be scheduled for June 27th and June 28th. The Pentathlon is scheduled for June 25th.  (Tom A./Lindsey v.)     APPROVED 18-0


Motion: There will be no individual tennis tournament for the 2020 season per TMC recommendation.  (Tom A./Stephanie S.)   APPROVED 18-0 


RULE 40 Out-of-Season Coach-Athlete Contact Limitations

RULE 45 Loyalty to the High School Team: Bona Fide Team Member

An MIAA staff sub-committee reviewed Rule 40 and 45 and provided recommendations per the request of the BOD.  You may find the full recommendation from the sub-committee HERE


Motion: Accept the recommendations of the MIAA sub-committee to waiver Rule 40 Out-of-Season for Spring 2020 coaches.  (Tom A./Stephanie S.)     APPROVED 18-0


Rule 45:

The MIAA sub-committee is not recommending any changes to MIAA Rule 45 to the BOD.  No action was needed from the BOD. 


Student Eligibility/School Requirements: Physical Examinations/Medical Coverage/Concussions

Rule 56.1

At the BOD March 30th meeting a waiver of physical exams was approved.  Since then, communication with the Department of Public Health (DPH) occurred indicating the BOD does not have the jurisdiction to modify the regulatory statute for requiring physical exams.  Further communication from the DPH is forthcoming, however, any changes to the mandate would need to be put forth by the Commissioner of the DPH as a waiver request.  The original rule in the MIAA Handbook stands in regards to physical exams (Rule 56.1)


Next BOD meeting: The May 5th BOD meeting will not take place.  A rescheduled date will be determined.