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Book Club Information

Book club begins today! Students are required to select a book to read in groups, and will complete a project convincing others to read the book.  They should attempt to have the book and begin reading by 9/23.  Many have chosen books from a list compiled by our library specialist, Mrs. Hastings.  Most of these books are available in our school library, but due to the high demand of the project, students may need to find them elsewhere.  They can check out local libraries, download them on a tablet, or order them from Amazon (among other places). They may also borrow books from friends and family.  The goal is to not spend a lot of money on the books, so if you need assistance finding a book, please let me know.

They will meet for discussion and project planning in class on 9/30, 10/7, 10/14, and 10/21.  Presentations begin 10/27.   By each meeting, they should have a predetermined number of chapters read (as decided by the group).

See handout for more details.