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Term 2 Extra Credit

Term 2 Extra Credit

Worth an additional quiz grade, your term two extra credit is due in class on 1/26/15.  You will not receive any points unless you present to your class and site your sources.  (No, Wikipedia is not a source…..)

Ahhhh…. Le fromage! 

The French make over four hundred different kinds of cheese!  Often, a kind of cheese is specific to a certain region, but even within a region there are different methods of making cheese.  Choose one of the cheeses listed at the bottom of the page and present the following information:

  • Name of cheese
  • Region it’s from
  • How it’s made (including type of milk used)
  • Summary of flavor and texture
  • A common dish it is used in with the recipe
  • Include pictures

And the cheeses are…….

  1. Beaufort
  2. Brie de Meaux
  3. Neufchâtel
  4. Roquefort
  5. Camembert
  6. Munster
  7. Chèvre
  8. Ossau-Iraty
  9. Comté

10. Chaorce

  1. 11.  Your choice… but get it approved first