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Term 2 Extra Credit

L’École Française

Grade 7 – Term 2 – Extra Credit

For an extra credit assignment worth an ADDITONAL QUIZ GRADE, create a presentation about the French public school system.   Your presentation should include a bibliography, visuals, and a written piece.

Your presentation must include the following information:

  • All types of schools (pre-school, elementary, middle, etc.) in French and English
  • The ages of student at teach school type
  • School hours for each school type
  • School vacation schedule
  • How students qualify for college (*hint *hint – there’s a major test, give as much info as you can about this test!)
  • Any additional information you find interesting (worth a few extra points)

You may choose to present your project anyway you like.  You will not receive any extra credit without a presentation.  You may present either Monday or Tuesday (1/25/16 or 1/26/16) during class.

Here are some helpful links to get you started!  You may use these, or others that you find reputable