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Macbeth Homework for Feb Break

Today in some classes we had a chance to revisit one of our favorite games, Werewolf.  The story of Macbeth is, in many ways, a game of werewolf.  Many people seem ordinary on the surface, but may hid terrible secrets or harmful habits.

Included below are a list of common roles in a game of Werewolf.  If you were to make a Macbeth themed werewolf game, how might you alter the game to fit the play better?  What would each role represent?  How could you have people "Appear like an innocent flower, but be the serpent under it?"  

Here is a list of abilities common to some versions of the game:


Each night choose a player to learn if he is a Villager or a Werewolf


Each night, wake with the other Werewolves and choose a player to eliminate.


Find the werewolves and eliminate them.


Each night, choose a player. That player is eliminated when a player gets their 3rd accusation the next day.

Apprentice Seer

If the Seer is eliminated, you become the Seer, waking each night to look for Werewolves.


Each night, choose a player who cannot be eliminated that night (Must be different)

Cult Leader

Each night, choose a player to join your cult. If all players are in your cult, you win.


The first night, choose two players to be linked together. If one of them is eliminated, the other is eliminated as well.


You are on the Village team unless you are targeted for elimination by the Werewolves, at which time you become a Werewolf.


If you are eliminated by the Werewolves, they don't get to eliminate anyone the following night.


The first night, choose a player. When that player is eliminated you become that role.


You are a Villager until the third night, when sober up and learn your real role.


The first night, you are eliminated. Communicate to the players with single letter clues.


Choose 2 players on the first night. They must die and you must be alive at the end of the game. (to win)


You are the Moderator.


One night per game, choose a player to be protected. That player may not be eliminated at night.


If you are eliminated, you may  immediately eliminate another player.

Lone Wolf

Each night, wake with the other Werewolves. You only win if you are the last player in the game.


You are a Villager, but appear to the Seer as a Werewolf.


Once per game, you may choose to be eliminated instead of the player who was eliminated during the day (before the role is revealed).


The first night, wake up to see who the other Mason is.


Your vote counts twice.


Work with the werewolves to kill the villagers.

Old Hag

Each night, choose a player to leave the village during the next day.

Old Man

You will be eliminated on night X, where X is the number of werewolves in the game plus one.


You must always vote for players to not be eliminated.

P.I. (Paranormal Investigator)

One night per game, choose a player. You'll be told if that player or one of his neighbors is a Werewolf.


Survive a lynching and reveal your role.


Each night, look for the Seer. You win if the werewolves win.


Each night, choose a player who may not speak the following day.


You hate your job and your life. You win if you are eliminated.

Tough Guy

If the Werewolves attempt to eliminate you, you are not eliminated until the following night.


One night per game, stir up trouble by calling for players to be eliminated the following day.

Village Idiot

You always vote for players to be eliminated.


You may save or eliminated a player at night once each per game.

Wolf Cub

Each night, wake with the Werewolves. If you are eliminated, the Werewolves eliminate two players the following night.