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Finishing your Thematic Single Paragraph Essay

What you need to have in your Thematic Single Paragraph Essay:

The Anatomy of this essay

Sentence 1:         Thematic Introductory statement. (See appropriate PowerPoint)

Sentence 2:         Restate the prompt (essay question), including the author’s name and the story name.

Sentence 3

(and maybe 4):    Background for the story.  Keep this simple, not a book report or exhaustive detail.

Sentence 5:         Thesis sentence.  (This is what you plan to prove)

Sentence 6

– 12 (or more):     3 Pieces of clear evidence, including 1 direct quote, and after each piece of evidence you

                                should have a clear explanation that makes that evidence make sense.

Sentence 13

(or more):              Evalutation statement, which makes a conclusion.  Not a restated thesis.

Sentence 14

(or more):              Summary sentence, which returns to your thesis assertion.  (See PowerPoint)

Sentence 15

(or more):              Zinger/Clincher.  This should complete the circle with your thematic statement, and

                              leave the reader thinking about your argument.

Don’t forget to give page numbers for evidence that isn’t a direct quote.