• Welcome to Mrs. DiModica Science Classes for the 2017-2018 School year.        


    chemical reaction Chemistry- This is a college preparatory course designed to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental principles, concepts, laws and theories,  necessary for understanding of the chemical behavior of matter.  Chemical modeling will be used as an intructional approach throughout the course typical calculation problems will involve volume, densities, masses, concentration, and kinetics.  The modern theories of chemistry will be treated with a rigid mathematical structure.  Laboratory work is used to reinforce the chemical concepts.


          DNA molecule       Foundation of Science 2- Biology 

     Biology is the study of life. The course includes the following units of study: The Chemical Basis of Life, The Structural Basis of Life, Movement of Materials Into and Out of Cells, How Cells Harvest Energy, Photosynthesis, How Cells Divide, The Transmission of Genetic Information, The Chemical Basis of Genetics, Evolution, Taxonomy and Biodiversity, and Ecology. A survey of human anatomy and physiology will be applied to the units of study where appropriate and will include discussion of the human digestive, circulatory, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, excretory, reproductive and skeletomuscular systems. Numerous laboratory experiences will offer hands-on reinforcement of the topics covered in classroom discussions.



      math shapes Foundations of Science 1- This course is designed to cover the essentials of chemistry and offer an introduction to some major concepts of Biology.  This courses focuses on the practices of science, technology, and engineering.  The course is designed with many hands-on laboratory activities.






                                                          Ms. DiModica

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    Grading: There will be no curves for any assignments.  You are not in a competition with other students for a grade; you will be working together in cooperative groups to accomplish problem solving tasks and laboratory experiments.  Grading will, however, be done individually based on the mastery of content objectives. Your grade based on the following percentages and will be updated; it is your job to know what it is and why by checking Aspen on a regular basis.


    20% Classwork & Participation Grade (homework, classwork, participation in class)


    • Assignments are due at the start of class as you walk in.  If the assignment is not handed in at the beginning of class, the assignment will be late and can be turned in for reduced points.  Assignments not turned in by the end of the next unit will not be graded.  If you are caught copying a homework assignment, you will be given a teacher detention immediately so that you can receive the extra help you need (you should instead ask before class to stay after).
    • You must show that you are engaged in class activity by working with your group, asking questions, answering questions, writing down examples, and following along in your book in order to receive full participation points.  You will be randomly selected to answer questions in class and you are expected to know how to answer all questions.


    50% Assessment Grade (unit assessments, projects, and quizzes)


    • Reviews will be given before every assessment, there is no such thing as a "pop quiz" in this class.  All assessments are based directly on your notes and assignments from the current unit.  Any student scoring under an 70% on an assessment has 1 week to initiate the following process to achieve a better grade:
      1. Schedule an extra help session for before or after school.
      2. Schedule a time to make up the assessment.  The better grade will be recorded, but the highest score that can be recorded is 70%.


    30% Laboratory Grade (lab reports, lab etiquette, lab quizzes)


    • Students will work in their cooperative groups to complete the experiment, but each student must turn in an individual lab report.
    • Students will lose points for not performing their assigned duties in the lab and for leaving lab stations and materials in disarray.
    • Group members should discuss the importance of the lab while they are working and after it has been completed.



    Class Materials: Each student is required to bring ALL of the following items to EVERY class in order to be prepared.  Failure to be prepared will result in reduction of participation grade.


    1. Pen and Pencil
    2. Notebook with Paper
    3. Guided Notes and Periodic Table in 3-ring binder or folder



    Classroom Expectations:


    1. When the bell rings, be prepared for class and in your seat.
    2. Conduct yourself in a professional manner.
    3. Do not bring any food or drinks to class besides water.
    4. Do not use non-class related items in the room. (ex. cell phone, lotion, etc)
    5. Cell phones are not allowed in class.   They are to be put away in a backpack, bag etc. or the cell phone caddy provided in class for students.  At no time are students to have their cell phones out in class, unless specified by the teacher for a science class activity.  Not following these rules will result in a teacher detention.





    1. A student who is late to class or chooses to break one of the classroom rules will be held accountable for their actions in an appropriate manner in addition to losing class participation points.
    2. If a student has completed all classwork assignments before an assessment, extra credit will be awarded on that assessment (there is one opportunity for each assessment).
    3. If a student proves to be extraordinarily helpful during class work, extra credit participation points will be awarded.


    NASchools Portal/Website: Students and parents can log in to the portal through the naschools aspen site using their ID and password.  On the site you will be able to see all posted grades.


    Absences: You are responsible for all the content covered on the day(s) you are out.  It is your own responsibility to get all of the notes and assignments that you missed while you were out. 


    1. If a student is absent for one day only, any homework or lab assignment that was due on the day of the absence is due the day the student comes back and any assessment will be made up the day the student comes back, the student should be well prepared for it.
    2. If a student is absent, he or she will most likely need to stay after school the day of his or her return to get extra help so as not to fall behind.  Science, unlike other subject areas will become increasingly more difficult the longer you are out.


    Extra Help: I will be available most days after school for extra help as well as during the school day during my SLP or prep period.  If there is anything we discuss in class or you have for homework that you do not understand, make an appointment for extra help immediately.  If you tackle the small problem right away, it will not become a large one.





    Science Contract



    I, _______________________________________________, have read Ms. DiModica’s science syllabus and understand the expectations listed.  I realize that it is my responsibility to complete all assignments and hand them in on time and participate in the class to help my classmates succeed.  My grade is a direct reflection of my work ethic in science.



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    As my son/daughter’s parent/guardian, I have read Ms. DiModica’s science syllabus and understand what is expected of my child in this class.



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    To improve parent/guardian-teacher contact, please provide your email address (and phone number if different than listed on school records).  Should your son/daughter have a sudden change in grades, I will attempt to contact you via the email you write here.  Please write clearly and differentiate between numbers and letters so that no mistakes are made when attempting to contact you.  Thank you.


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