• MCAS Strategies/ELA


    MCAS Strategies that WORK!

    1. Read the title and any fine print on the top of the front page of the reading selection.

    2. Pre-read ALL questions and highlight/tag key words within the questions.

    3. Number each paragraph in the margins if not done so already.

    4. Read the text through once.

    5. Reread through the text, keeping an eye out for answers to the questions – highlight, underline or tag key words that will directly help you answer the questions.  Put the question numbers in the margin next to the key words.  “OR” will represent the open response questions.

    6. Answer the questions one at a time while locating the answers back in the text. Make sure you have marked paragraph numbers next to the questions to show where you found your answer.

    Answering Open Response Questions:

    1. Each part of the question that needs an answer should be tagged.
    2. Answers should be written in paragraph form, using key words from the question for your topic sentence, the topic sentence sets up your “main idea”.
    3. Any detail you site from the text MUST be followed up with DIRECT EVIDENCE FROM THE PASSAGE.
    4. Once you finish your answer, reread the question and check that all of the parts have been answered completely.  Check to make sure that each answer you give has a detail FROM THE TEXT to back it up.

    Ex:  Amanda was sad in the afternoon.  The passage suggests that Amanda was walking with her head down, and that it looked as if she had tears.  This tells me that she was sad.