• Student Eligibility & Participation




    Complete and accurate squad lists are to be submitted to the Athletic Director one week prior to the first contest.  The lists are to be organized alphabetically by class.  No athlete will be allowed to join a team after the first week of the season except for extenuating circumstances (ex. Cut, sickness, medical, etc.).  A student joining the team under these circumstances must be a member of the team for seven practice days, prior to participation in a scheduled contest.  Football and Wrestling are exceptions to this rule.  Football requires 15 practices days, prior to participation in a scheduled contest.  Wrestling requires 10 practices days, prior to participation in a scheduled contest. No student who was previously academically ineligible may join a team for that season, exceptions to this rule can be made for medical reasons.

    In some instances eligibility regulations may exceed the rules established by the MIAA.

    All students must pass a physical examination prior to participation in High School Athletics. A physical exam covers the student for 13 months from the exam date. A student’s eligibility will terminate once a physical has reached the 13 month limit. No student is allowed to participate if they have not submitted an updated signed copy of their physical exam to their coach.  Physical examinations must be performed by a duly registered Licensed Physician, Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.  PENALTY: A student in violation shall be suspended for the number of contests in which he/she participated without a proper physical.

    1.      All athletes must submit a complete Medical History Form, Parent/Athlete Agreement,    Pre-Concussion Reporting Form and sign off and the Impact Consent Form. Coaches will make available all forms to all candidates.  Students will not be allowed to participate until all forms have been signed and returned to respective coaches.

    2.      Coaches must submit a copy the Medical History Form to the Athletic Director at the beginning of the season and maintain a copy for themselves that should be accessible to them in the event of injury.  All other forms should be turned into the Athletic Director at the beginning of the season. Coaches will return all forms to the Athletic Director at the completion of the season.

    3.      A student must not be in his/her fifth year of high school.

    4.      A student must not have reached 19 years of age by September 1.

    5.      A student must meet all academic requirements outlined below.



    A student must have passed at least 20 credits or 20 periods of prepared work during the marking period preceding an athletic contest. A student cannot represent the school unless s/he is taking at least 20 credits or 20 periods of prepared work. To be eligible for fall sports, students must have final passing grades in full year courses and second semester courses in the required number of periods of prepared work (Grades 9-12 = 20 credits). Academic eligibility for all students will be determined and considered as official for that grading period on the date when report cards are issued to parents and students.  NOTE – Students who repeat work for which they have received academic credit cannot include the subject a second time for eligibility. Students cannot count for eligibility any subject taken during summer vacation unless that subject has been previously taken and failed. Students receiving substantially or more restrictive Special Education services under Chapter 603 may be declared academically eligible by the Principal provided all other eligibility requirements are met.  


    Absences – Any student who is absent on a given day will not be allowed to participate in a practice or contest on that day.  All coaches are to comply with this department policy and inform their athletes accordingly.  It is imperative that each coach carefully check the daily attendance report.  If extenuating circumstances are evident, approval to participate must come from the PRINCIPAL, VICE PRINCIPAL OR ATHLETIC DIRECTOR.  Any student who is absent from school and participates in a practice or game without administrative approval, will be suspended from that team for three (3) days by the Athletic Director.  If a student is absent from school on Friday due to illness, he/she must present a doctor’s note to the coach if he/she wishes to participate in a weekend athletic contest.  This note is to certify that the athlete is physically capable of participating.  Tardiness and Dismissals – Coaches will not allow any student to participate in a game or practice if that student is not in attendance for five full class periods of that school day.  If extenuating circumstances are evident, approval to participate must come from the PRINCIPAL VICE PRINCIPAL OR ATHLETIC DIRECTOR.