The Educational Reform Act signed into law in June 1993, mandates that every public school in the Commonwealth have a School Council.  The Council shall include, “the principal, parents, teachers and other interested parties.”  At the high school level, student representation must be included. 

    Purpose:  the Principal, in consultation with the Council, shall adopt goals and standards for the school, including those for the improvement of student performance.  The plan shall include the identification of the educational needs of students attending the school, review of the annual school budget and formulation of a School Improvement Plan. 

    Any parent interested in serving on the School Council should contact me in writing or via email @ phaviland@naschools.net prior to the September 19 PC meeting.   Meetings of the NAHS SC will be held on the third Monday of the month @ 5:00 PM in the Martin Room off of the Media Center on the second floor.