Welcome to Reading this year. I hope that over the course of the year you are able to find a new respect for the process of reading. Remember - reading is one skill that never goes away and can make the difference in your life. That difference could be as simple as losing yourself in an amazing story to as big as an incredible job opportunity.

         In order to be a critical thinker, strategies need to be learned. In Science class you talked about how everyone has a unique way of learning. Remember that for reading as well. How you go about understanding what is read will be different from the person next to you. As long as you start to ACTIVELY think about the process, you are helping yourself develop into a critical thinker........

         I will be introducing many strategies this year - each one has a unique way of helping a person understand and question what is being read. I ask that you be open-minded to each strategy and try to see the value in the process.

         Please see me if you ever feel confused or unclear about class work. I am here to help you become a stronger reader and writer. I love what I do - no question is too small - and I hope this year is interesting and enjoyable for you all.

    Mrs. Grant : )