• I will put any resources that I find that I think could help you with this new way of teaching below...



    *I stumbled upon this Chrome Extension and I really like it (it gives you a beautiful picture - the time, an inspirational quote, TO DO, etc.)   Momentum


    *In this video John Sowach gives an example of how to set up your Google Classroom for Online Learning...He explains what and why in an easy to understand way.  I would recommend watching!    https://youtu.be/JbsZdzKIAWo


    *A teacher asked for help in finding time management / organizational videos for students, so I thought someone else may want what I found too:

    1. I found this one - a little goofy, but I liked it

    2. This one has a good list towards the end - I don't necessarily love the entire video

    3. I really like this one - she talks to them at their level and gives good examples of ways to stay organized and manage your time. She has an Instagram and Snapchat that they can follow - she posts every week

    All of the above were in EdPuzzle - some have questions and some don't, but students can just skip them.


    *Guided Meditation 



    I recently heard about this site called Whiteboard.fi

    It is a very simple live whiteboard site. It does not require any type of login, so it is super quick to use. Basically, you have a digital whiteboard and anything that you write can be seen by students in your class. Students have their own whiteboards. You can see what they write, but they cannot see what their peers write.

    Follow the link below to check it out. It could be great if you are trying to work live with a student or group of students. If you have any questions or would just like help testing it out, please let me know. Thanks!