Please review the information if you have any questions you can e-mail Jen Fitzpatrick at Jfitzpatrick@naschools.net and she will get back to you as soon as possible. 


  • Injuries

    All injuries need to be evaluated by the athletic trainer. The athletic trainer is available after school M-F. Additional hours vary depending on game and practice schedule 


    weather Lightning safety-NAHS lighting procedure is to protect the participants and spectators at all athletic events. Safe shelter will be available for participants, staff and spectators. We will follow the guidelines presented in the NATA lightning position statement. 


    heat Heat Safety- NAHS will follow all heat modification guidelines set by the MIAA. This will be adhered to for all practices and games. The athletic trainer and athletic director will monitor practice conditions and rest break intervals. Coaches will be required to follow these modifications. 

  • Concussion Information

  •  Concussion policy

    North Attleboro High School has created a policy in accordance with State of Massachusetts rgulations and overseen by the department of public health. The entire student-athlete is addressed in this policy as both academic and athletic accomodations are discussed.

     The athletic trainer in coordination with a physician will make the final return to play decisions following a suspected concussion. All return to play decisions will be approved by the NAHS athletic trainer. 

  • Addional Information